S6 #231: Too Many To Dos And No Motivation?

Episode 231 July 02, 2024 00:17:05
S6 #231: Too Many To Dos And No Motivation?
Direct Impact
S6 #231: Too Many To Dos And No Motivation?

Jul 02 2024 | 00:17:05


Hosted By

Andrea Epting

Show Notes

Season 6 Episode 231

Date: 7/2/2024


Title: Too Many To Dos And No Motivation?

Hey Direct Impact Nation! 

We’ve got a lot to do today! Let’s look at the some the daily prompts of the Plan To Recover Journal, specifically the To Do section. It can be intimidating with the many things we may have to accomplish but let’s get curious about what may be blocking us in wanting to accomplish these goals. In doing so we give some self-compassion. Join Andrea as she explores and guides us in how we can conquer our to dos. 


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