S6 #218: Direct Impact with Darlene Green

Episode 218 May 15, 2024 00:30:30
S6 #218: Direct Impact with Darlene Green
Direct Impact
S6 #218: Direct Impact with Darlene Green

May 15 2024 | 00:30:30


Hosted By

Andrea Epting

Show Notes

Season 6 Episode 218

Date: 5/15/2024


Title: Direct Impact with Darlene Green 

Hey Direct Impact Nation! 

Darlene Greene wants to help you take charge of your own health, get out of pain, improve your energy, increase the quality of your sleep, reduce systemic inflammation, increase mental clarity, improve your nervous system, lower your anxiety, enhance brain functioning, improve cardiovascular functioning, and elevate your GHK-Cu for a host of additional benefits to include increasing your own stem cells, producing growth factors, protect lungs, reset genes to their younger healthier state, repair damaged DNA, inhibit cancer, increase hair growth, improve skin, increase healing, accelerate wound healing, reduce Fibrinogen (top predictor of cardiovascular disease) and more.


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