S6 #220: How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Episode 220 May 23, 2024 00:22:37
S6 #220: How Do You Eat An Elephant?
Direct Impact
S6 #220: How Do You Eat An Elephant?

May 23 2024 | 00:22:37


Hosted By

Andrea Epting

Show Notes

Season 6 Episode 220

Date: 5/23/2024


Title: How Do You Eat An Elephant? 

Hey Direct Impact Nation! 

Join Andrea and Mary in today’s candid conversation! Andrea and Mary dissect the many ways that you can eat an elephant. They each share the various ways they approach tasks and how they have faced personal challenges with tackling various tasks especially being dysregulated and taking moments of celebration. Tell us how you eat an elephant! 


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