S6 #215: The Best of Yes

Episode 215 May 07, 2024 00:21:05
S6 #215: The Best of Yes
Direct Impact
S6 #215: The Best of Yes

May 07 2024 | 00:21:05


Hosted By

Andrea Epting

Show Notes

Season 6 Episode 215

Date: 5/7/2024


Title: The Best of YES 

Hey Direct Impact Nation! 

Here’s a new episode for you to check out! In this episode, Andrea helps us understand where we choose what to focus on in the next 90 days while using the Plan To Recover Journal. Andrea discusses what we need to consider for our priorities and intentions in the next 90 days while also taking in consideration what kinds of boundaries we may need to set. Finally, where and how our energy is being used.


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