S6 #233: Feeling or Fact?

Episode 233 July 09, 2024 00:14:38
S6 #233: Feeling or Fact?
Direct Impact
S6 #233: Feeling or Fact?

Jul 09 2024 | 00:14:38


Hosted By

Andrea Epting

Show Notes

Season 6 Episode 233

Date: 7/9/2024


Title: Feeling or Fact?

Hey Direct Impact Nation! 

How do we know the difference between feelings and facts? Is there a difference? Join Andrea today as she explains how feelings are facts. She explains how we can project and verbalize our feelings as factual. But how do we discern our feelings and facts? Being able to allow ourselves to listen to the important information our feelings provide us but remember feelings don’t inform facts. Check out today’s episode to learn more about feelings and facts. 


Call To Action: Take some time to listen to your feelings and notice the information being provided. 


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